Week in Review – The One Where I Tried to Be Healthier…

Happy Monday!

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It’s been a fairly busy week leading up to our vacation, and this week in particular I decided I’d try to be a little extra healthy in anticipation of eating while traveling.  Sure, I’ve stocked up on healthy snacks, but let’s face it… when you’re on vacation you tend to not always eat your best and it is what it is.  So I figured I’d try out some different juices and things this week. That’s a good enough way to hopefully cut down on some bloat and avoid carbs and all that good stuff…. it didn’t go as planned.

This juice was surprisingly very tasty and delicious.  It also gave me false hope because not all juices are created equally.

This juice showed me that I don’t do grass.  I am not a rabbit or a cow or any other grass eating mammal and therefore should not be drinking grass because it tastes like…well, ass.

I had to eat a Kit-Kat bar to get the taste out of my mouth.  You win this round Overly Healthy Green Juice.

I can’t even believe it’s actually April, and I flipped my work calendar this week.

Over the weekend I took a lot of photos for an upcoming Day In The Life Post, because it’s that time again!

The most exciting part being the new bikes I picked up for the kids.  It’ll take some getting used to, especially for Phoebe since the bike she wanted is a tad taller than Enzo’s and she’s just a little small still.  They may have been more excited for their helmets… which Enzo wore on his almost too tiny trike while he waited for his big bike.

Honestly, I’m just excited that both kids (Enzo especially) hopped on the new much taller bikes with zero fear. Even when Enzo crashed, he got back on again, which is such a huge step for him. He used to be terrified to even ride down the driveway because of the slight incline.

Finishing up the weekend, our house/cat sitters came over to go over the ropes on the cats needs.  So grateful to have friends and family who willingly watch over the cats and house while we’re away.

One thought on “Week in Review – The One Where I Tried to Be Healthier…

  1. Cora

    Baha. Yeah…. I refuse to drink anything that tastes like grass and try and trick my body into liking it because its “healthy”. Been there, done that, tried to convince myself… didn’t work.
    I actually just had a smoothie made with this “26 raw plant sprouts and proteins” pack that I got free because I knew I wouldn’t have time to sit down for a meal….. it was gross.

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