Daylight Savings

I’m sure most parents of young children can understand just what a pain in the neck daylight savings is.  It can turn normally happy and cheerful kids into whiny, irritable messes.


The kids were up a little later on Friday night and were doing pretty good Saturday. We figured they would be going to bed a little later that night because Josh and I were headed out for the evening, leaving them with their grandparents.  We hoped that they might sleep in late Sunday morning because they did get to bed a little later than usual, but no so luck.  At some point Enzo ended up in bed with us – we were both so tired we’re not even sure why we broke our “rule”, so I definitely didn’t sleep well after getting kicked and pummeled and then Phoebe woke up right at 6:00 am.  In her mind it was actually 7:00 am, which is perfectly normal for her.


We tried to keep naps on schedule, but the kiddos were just off the whole day.  Enzo fought his nap only briefly before giving in to the exhaustion, but Phoebe was not keen on napping much at all despite being kind of fussy and clearly needing to sleep.  By the time the evening rolled around they were both super fussy, so we decided to get bedtime rolling earlier, hoping to get them to sleep half an hour earlier (which would still be half an hour later they’re used to).  It seemed to work okay…


Until this morning when Phoebe woke bright and early at 5:30, followed shortly by her brother.  I guess we’ll see what day care/preschool says about their moods.  From the sound of things, though (Josh had drop off and pick up today), it sounds like a few kids may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed and it could be a long day.  I know they’ll adjust, but it could be a long couple of days in the meantime.