Eclipses and Kittens

For a few weeks, on and off, Josh and I had casually talked about the possibility of getting another cat at some point, but we had no time frame in mind and weren’t sure if we’d actually do so.  We do already have two cats, after all and did we really want to disrupt them.  When I commented on a friend’s Facebook post of an adorable kitten, I didn’t really think she’d end up coming to live with us.  There was just something about this little lady, though, and I think it was just meant to be. How could we not bring her home?!


After some voting and deliberation, meet Vega.  Since the lunar eclipse was coming up (we got her on Thursday), I was inspired to name her something space related, which just seems to work with her – plus the name she was going by was Stardust, so there you go.  Vega is settling in nicely and making herself at home.  She has the loudest purr and is a superb snuggler when she isn’t running around. I forgot how much fun it was to have a kitten.  Enzo particularly loves to watch her chase the laser pointer, and both kids enjoy feeding her copious amounts of treats. As for Ziggy and Uzi… I’m not even sure Ziggy has realized there’s another cat in the house, or if she has she really just doesn’t care.  We’ve been keeping the kitten upstairs and the other cats downstairs, and we let the Ziggy and Uzi upstairs while Vega is napping in the play room.  Uzi is uncertain right now and at first hissed and growled when he got a look at her.  Now, he’s at a point where he isn’t hissing or growling when he sees her (we’ve kept them at a distance while they get a look at each other and then close the door), but we’re going to be cautious and I’m sure in time they’ll get used to each other.  I think I’ll stock up on some Feliway, though, in the meantime to make sure we help keep all the cats calm while we deal with growing pains.


Welcome home, Vega!