Turning…33 years old… today.

Reading… Station Eleven

Watching… The Great British Bake-Off, Scandal, Outlander, Grey’s Anatomy

Listening to… Limetown Podcast

Drinking…All of the coffee.  I should probably switch to tea.

Eating…Still loving Blue Apron.

Organizing… The house.  I’ve been greatly enjoying getting rid of stuff.

Planning…Creative projects. I got a new sewing machine that I want to break in.

Playing… Just got Forbidden Island and want to break it in one of these nights!

Snuggling…Our new kitten Vega.

Chasing after… Our new kitten Vega.  I forgot how into everything kittens are. 😉

Celebrating… The fact that Enzo hasn’t worn pull ups during the day in a couple of weeks and has stayed dry through the night for over a week.

Motivating… myself to get back into blending and studying again and oh so many other things.

Teaching… myself to do more creative things.

Thankful… we have a large house while we convince Uzi that Vega is not trying to usurp his throne.

Mediating… Our cats as they learn to all love one another since no one is going anywhere.

Thinking… About the day I can be a SAHM/WAHM and spend more time with the kids.