Every year it’s the same…

Can I just hold onto fall for just a little bit longer?  We had our first snow flurries yesterday and I am really just not ready for that kind of cold wind to become just another daily occurrence even though it happens every year and we should just be used to it already.  One thing is for certain, we’re getting a snowblower this year.  If anything, that will ensure that we don’t get nearly as much snow as usual.  Neither of us feel like shoveling several feet of snow in sub-zero temps this year, though.

So, in the spirit of not giving in to winter, here are some fall pictures I haven’t posted yet.


Sure, there will be more of this in the upcoming months, the blanket just might be heavier and hopefully the nuk will be gone… her teeth are being affected and we’re going to have to lose the nuk.


Painting punkins!  Really, we’ll paint anything in our house.  Enzo has always been really good about keeping crayons, markers, paints, etc on actual paper or specified places, but you can’t leave Phoebe alone for a second.  It is imperative to only have washable art supplies in her reach because she will make art wherever she feels like it, and especially if she feels like she’s taking a stand against “The Man” aka Mom and Dad who like suppress her artistic expression.


We’ll see if Phoebe changes her mind about the cold and snow, but even if she doesn’t, Enzo will want to go outside and play.  I’m thinking maybe we’ll get some food coloring and make some art in the snow to mix it up a bit.  It’s fun using different seasonal mediums with the kids.


Okay, maybe winter won’t be thaaaat bad.  We’ll see.