Like litter through the scooper… so are the cats of our lives

Okay, that’s a horrible title, but I never know what to title anything and at least now you know this post is going to include our cats and all of their drama. Fellow cat people, welcome. Anyhoo….


Short weeks right before a long weekend are the worst.  It’s hard to stay focused on anything when you’re eagerly waiting time off and can’t help but look at the clock and plan what you’ll be doing.  If anything, the cats will be especially glad that we’re all home for a long weekend. After a few outside-the-litterbox mishaps, we’ve been keeping the cats downstairs at night just to make sure Vega realizes that she needs to poo in a litterbox and not in Phoebe’s room. Admittedly, we kept her in Phoebe’s room initially, so you can understand her confusion.


The cats are slowly starting to get along better.  Vega is really rambunctious and playful, so there is often some hissing and yowling when one of the older cats has had enough of her, but that is getting better.  Now when I open the door to the basement, all three of them will be there waiting for me and it’s becoming more common for them to sniff noses and even sleep on the same bed or couch together.


If anything, I think Uzi has been a bit more playful lately as Vega runs around the house like crazy chasing anything and everything.  We’ve even gotten him to play with the laser a bit before he realized how undignified he was being and trotted off.  Cats.  One minute he wants to be held like a baby and the next minute he’s too mature to play with a silly toy.