Toddler Talk

Mondays after a long weekend are the worst, aren’t they?  We had a very productive, but also fun weekend. Got to see family we don’t see very often and we rearranged the house a bit, did some decorating and tried to fit in some fun as well. That being said, I don’t have much in the way of motivation today, so how about some fun with what the kids have been saying/doing lately?  I need to keep better track because they crack me up.



He says “What the heck?” a lot. Apparently so do I.

“Last morning.”

Me: Enzo, do you need to go to the bathroom? (He was squirming).

Enzo: No… my underwear is just in my butt.

This weekend, I also got a text from Josh while I was out with Phoebe doing a little shopping and apparently Enzo had been asking for a treat so Josh told him he had to eat some blueberries and grapes first. He didn’t want to and said, “My mom will be so mad if you don’t give me a candy.”  Ha ha, nice try!



Says “Um” a lot. Not sure where she picked that up… hopefully not me?

“Mies from Morrowland!”  (Miles from Tomorrowland).

Still sings everything, especially her favorite theme songs. She’s really using a lot more gestures and facial expressions lately, though, which can be hysterical at times.

The other day Josh was trying to change her and she was not cooperating at all.  Finally I walked in to see what was happening and she was being a total goofball, so I said, “Phoebe, can you please let Daddy change you?” The stinker stopped moving and said, “Ok.”  Hahaha.


Love, love, love their personalities.  The awesome little moments make it all worthwhile.