Reading… Heir of Fire and Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore

Watching… Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural, Mad Max: Fury Road

Listening to… My space heater because it’s really cold in my office.

Drinking… Tea, egg nog, all of the coffee

Eating… Seasonal goodies like chocolate covered Ritz crackers

Organizing… My office – it really needs it

Rearranging… The house. Again. I should take pictures once it’s finally all sorted

Relaxing… Almost every evening, curled up IN MY BED with the cats watching TV or reading. This is big because of the next one, which is that I’m…

Excited… Because the kids have been sleeping in their own beds – not the whole night, but they’ve been falling asleep by 8:30 in their OWN beds.

Adjusting… To winter. It’s here, there is snow, and it’s cold.

Attempting… To get rid of more clutter in the house and find a way to organize the kitchen better without throwing out everything in frustration.

Procrastinating… A lot of things. That can wait until next year, right? Right!

Looking forward to… Dressing up and going out with Josh for the office holiday party.