Sunshine and Giddiness!

I have no idea why I’m in such a fabulous mood, but I am. Maybe it’s just the time of year, maybe it’s the fact that it’s 40 degrees outside, or maybe it’s because I’m having a great hair day and get to leave work early.  Who cares?  It’s sunny outside and life feels great right now.  Granted, not everyone woke up feeling that way this morning, which was sort of funny in a way.


Enzo came stumbling into our bathroom while I was in the shower because he needed to pee and Josh came to tell me that Phoebe was also up… but wouldn’t let him get her. She was demanding that I come get her. That was kind of the theme for the morning and she wanted nothing to do with leaving the house and threw a major tantrum.  Thankfully it ended, though I admit we were all kind of yelling – mostly to be heard over her because Enzo was also yelling about how he wanted candy because he was being good and wouldn’t drop it, all the while Phoebe is screaming and doesn’t want her coat or hat. Finally I think I yelled at Josh and he yelled back, so I started mock yelling/tantruming and we were all good again.


See?  Nothing is stopping my annoyingly good mood today! I may have to rush a bit to get ready for the work party we’re going to tonight, but I’m looking forward to it. I just made the mistake of buying a dress I have to iron… I’m usually very good about not buying high maintenance clothes too. Oh well, good mood prevails!

Happy Friday, World!