Flowers and Legos!

It was the perfect day to be outside and to use our discount tickets to the Arboretum… and apparently everyone else thought so as well.  It also happened to be the last day of the Lego sculpture displays, so perhaps that combined with fabulous weather is what brought everyone out in droves.  As always, we started things off with a picnic lunch and let the kids run around a bit before walking around to view the actual flowers and Lego creations.  Sadly, we didn’t see them all, but the ones we did see were fun.





We brought the stroller, which at times was really helpful for two small kids, but can also be a cumbersome beast and makes me long for the days when the kids can manage an entire day walking on their own two feet.  Alas, we seem to be nearing the end of baby wearing for good, which makes me sad.  If she’s tired enough, Phoebe will give in and allow it, but for the most part she wants to be free to follow her brother, which often feels like following a drunk.  She drags her feet, can’t walk a straight line and tends to be incoherent if she refused to take her nuk out.  Many people are understanding and smile at her, but you also get the grumps with zero patience who give you the evil eye for allowing your child to have any fun.



Anyhoo, there were a lot of pretty flowers to look at, but the kids were mostly interested in anything with water.  It took a lot of convincing to get them to leave the waterfall, and I can’t necessarily blame them since it was shady and somewhat secluded.  We walked around a while longer, and I gave Enzo my phone so he could take pictures (I’ll post those later), but it soon became clear that our munchkins needed a nap… Phoebe especially.



To encourage some sleepiness we went on the 3 mile drive for the first time and were kicking ourselves for not taking it sooner.  We had no idea there was so much more to see and do!  When we move closer, we are without a doubt getting a membership because it’s such a great place to go on walks.