I’ve been hearing about it forever and wondering if service would ever come to area, and finally we were able to try Blue Apron.  There really couldn’t be better timing as I’ve been in a major cooking rut lately.  The fact that we have two very picky eaters right now doesn’t necessarily help things either.  I’m sure it’s just a phase, but it’s been all too easy to just sigh and make them things I know they’ll eat over and over and over again.  Easy, but so boring and it’s not going to help them overcome their lack of adventurousness when it comes to food.

(Excuse the poorly lit photos… it was cloudy and late).



We’ve had several deliveries so far, but this one was the first meal we made.  Turkey Sloppy Joes.  The flavors were great as have been all the meals we’ve had so far.  The kids haven’t been huge fans of everything, but I’ve loved the new ideas – especially when it comes to making veggies, even by making very simple changes.  Instead of making the corn the way we always do, I now have some new techniques that I really love and Phoebe especially enjoyed it.  I can still count on Enzo to always eat green beans, so now we just have to see if they’ll be tempted by anything else.



One way I’m trying to get Enzo to be adventurous is to have him help me in the kitchen, but so far that only seems to work with sweets. Ha ha.  We had friends over this past weekend, so both kids helped me make a pasta salad.  Phoebe helped me stir and dump ingredients while Enzo helped me do some chopping with his own little knife.  He did great quartering olives and dicing bell pepper with me and I’m enjoying giving him some new tasks to help out with.  He’s been such a great helper lately in general and while he may fight putting away toys, he really likes helping with other chores like mopping or taking care of his sister.  I’ll take help where I can get it. 😉



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