Friday Funday!


Let’s start with some GIFs that will make you smile… they did me anyway.

Wow… it is truly impressive how easily Sarah Jones switches from one character to the next.

This personality test was kind of fun, and different.  Click on the link and then if you want to see my answers read more:

My answers:

  • Slightly nervous and anxious and overwhelmed by the vastness.
  • Grounded and at ease
  • Wonderment and longing – where have they been, what have they seen?
  • Happy
  • I look for a way over the wall – can I climb it?
  • Check for bugs, see if it’s cool and then take a drink
  • Cautiously make my way towards the house, see if it seems to knock at – maybe peek in the windows first.
  • Try to find a solid, safe place to stay put until it passes.


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