Toddler Talk

Enzo talks a lot, but here are some of the things he says the most, and some of the things that make me smile the most.


“I will have it” Enzo says this a lot, and it’s super cute, especially when it’s something that he really can’t have, so he just keeps repeating it.

“Uv ooo too” or “Love you too” Nothing better than hearing these tiny words, often at bedtime right as you’re closing the door.

“Help!  Help!”  It’s truly in the presentation with this one.  We’ve been encouraging him to ask for help for a while now whenever he’d get frustrated at something that was really just too hard for him to do himself, and it finally caught on.  Now, he’ll sit and say, “Help, help” in this overly frantic way that is so funny.

“Enzo ride a camel” (Usually followed by “Daddy ride a camel too”) I’m assuming this doesn’t need explaining, but yes, they rode a camel at the zoo and he randomly brings it up now and then.

“Big poop!”  Because poop is funny.  Whether you are a 2 year old boy or a 30-something year old man.

“Enzo new choo-choo.”  I’m wondering when his choo-choo will cease to be “new” and just be a choo-choo.  It is pretty cute when he wakes up and climbs out of bed and runs out to see it. I’m guessing he must dream about trains or something.

“I did it!” This is often followed by clapping and lots of enthusiasm over pretty much anything that he accomplished whether it be climbing, putting something away, peeing on the potty, dumping water where he shouldn’t…

I also love listening to him recite the alphabet and count.  Sure, he’s not accurate yet, but I think that just makes it more adorable.

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