Future Hoarder or Pick Pocket?

So, it’s after dinner and time for Enzo’s bath last night when I hear Josh cracking up.  I was filling the tub with water and he was in Enzo’s room getting him undressed. I go in there and he’s still laughing and Enzo’s rolling around on his changing table having a grand ole time, so I asked him what the heck was so funny. It took him a minute, but he finally handed me a magnet off our fridge.

Huh?  Where did that come from?

Apparently before dinner Enzo – while playing with magnets on the fridge – decided to stick one down the back of his diaper.  So, when Josh was undressing him he noticed something odd in the back of Enzo’s diaper and pulled out our Green Giant magnet.  He’d probably had it in there for a good solid hour.

Maybe we should get the kid a backpack or something. I’m just glad there wasn’t poop – this time.


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