Garage Sale Time!

Getting ready for another late night and a busy weekend because of the crazy decision to have a garage sale.  So much stuff.  Mostly baby clothes and baby items, but a surprising amount of other things as well.  Now let’s hope that our somewhat remote location and other cities having city wide sales this weekend doesn’t affect our turnout.  On the plus side, thanks to garage sale groups online we can pretty much advertise for free and will hopefully get more traffic because of that.  The weather should also be good tomorrow and Saturday, but we’re thinking Sunday we may have to pack it in early or be shut down entirely due to the forecast of severe thunderstorms.  I’m just hoping we can get rid of most of our stuff.


So that’s our exciting weekend!  I almost hope we do have to shut down on Sunday and then maybe we can do another indoor picnic with the kids and just hang out and watch a movie.  They really liked it when we did that a few weeks ago on a Friday night.  Phoebe got a little bored about halfway through Big Hero 6, but she just amused herself by bouncing around on the couch.  Enzo seemed to enjoy it and we’re talking about taking him to his first movie theater show soon.  We’ll just need to find someone to hang out with Phoebe and hope she doesn’t get too jealous that she can’t come to. Both kids seem to do better when we can make separate one-on-one time for each of them, though, outside of the house.  If anything, I’ll take one of them shopping with me. I may forget a lot and it’s definitely not as relaxing, but to them it’s special time, so that works for me.


Have a good weekend everyone!

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