18 Months

Well, Miss Phoebe is a year and half old today.  Despite her lack of fear and propensity to launch herself off of couches, beds, her brother, and other tall surfaces, we have managed to keep her alive.  Time will only tell if we’ll avoid broken bones or otherwise before she’s 2.  Much like last month, Phoebe has continued to surprise us all (her teachers as well) with her communication skills.  She repeats everything, knows exactly what she wants, and is surprisingly easy to understand… most of the time.


We like to quiz her on her animals and Enzo often joins in as well asking her what sounds various animals make.  He likes to get tricky, though, and will ask her what sound a bald eagle makes or a giraffe.  She tries to copy us when we count, and will pretty much mimic anything that you do. Mostly amusing, but we’ll have to keep an eye on big brother.  He taught her to grunt loudly when she poops (which is harmless), but also encourages her to do things he’s been told not to. So it begins.


She loves to draw, she loves music and singing, and she loves to dance.  She also loves to be outside and it is always a great tragedy when it’s time to come in.  She loves to slide, but is also starting to enjoy swinging as well.  Jumping is also great fun, especially now that she can get both feet off the ground at the same time.


We sing a lot of songs (both kids love interactive songs) and occasionally Phoebe will try and sing them herself.  More often than not, though, she claps along and does hand movements and always says “Yay!” when you finish. If she’s having a day when she doesn’t want to be in the car, I can usually sing a song or ask Enzo to sing to her and she is then happily distracted.


What can I say?  She’s a clever, easy going girl.  She’s finally becoming less of a Mama’s girl, though is still often prone to jealousy if anyone but her is in my lap. I just tell her I have enough love for everyone, and hopefully one day she’ll be less possessive.  Funnily enough, Enzo gets rather possessive of her as well.  When other kids at preschool try to talk to her or hug her, he frowns and says, “That’s MY Phoebe!”  See, Phoebe?  You’re greatly loved. 😉

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