Things and Stuff.

The weekend was good, but more on that later since pictures are still on my camera.  We got out of the house on Saturday for haircuts, but didn’t get out on Sunday since it was drizzly.  The dark clouds and the missed nap the day before gave us a grouchy little boy and a sassy little lady.  C’est la vie. They might also be picking up on a little stress from their parents.  Our downstairs is crazy with boxes and piles everywhere as we try to get everything sorted for our garage sale that starts on Friday.  Plus, we keep coming across new things to add, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


All of this decluttering has also made me realize just how much stuff we have and why it’s so important to buy toys on sale unless I am absolutely certain our kids will get a ton of use out of it.  This cardboard house I got on super sale, and they played with it a handful of times before Enzo told me he wanted his ball tent back and no more house.


It turns out we also have a lot of the same toys that they have at day care, which is sometimes good, but then also means that they’re often bored with these toys at home and want different ones.  I guess I’ll have to coordinate with day care from now on.  One thing we have a ton of that they don’t play with are stuffed animals. Some have been handed down and some I lovingly chose before they were born and others have been gifted.  Every once in a while they’ll suddenly pull them all out and play with them, but it might be time to let some go and let them choose their own plushy friends when they want to.


However, the best toys are always the toys that aren’t actually toys.  Phoebe decided pulling movies off the shelf is especially delightful and therefore Enzo also had to join in.  They were quickly reprimanded, but now Phoebe likes to still pull them out because she saw us pulling out random DVDs to sell.  I’d like to say it’s because she wants to be helpful, but the naughty grin says otherwise.  She gives the same grin right before she starts throwing food, dumping whatever she’s drinking and running away from diaper changes.


I totally get why some people like the minimalist lifestyle, though.  So much less to pick up, which makes it easier to keep clean and takes less time to do so… however, I’m a “collector” by nature, as is the man I married, so I can’t imagine us ever becoming minimalists.  I’ve heard a lot about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, though and I’m going to start reading that in the hopes we can find some balance.


Because no one wants to end up on an episode of Hoarders, right?