Rub a dub dub

Never underestimate the power of a spring cold.  I’m headed toward a sinus infection (I can feel that pain beginning in my upper teeth and cheek), so until I can get home and do a steam treatment I’ll have to find some helpful herbal tea at the store.  It’s picture day at day care today, so I gave the kids a good scrubbing last night and with the rain I doubt they’ll be playing much outside today.  Now that it has warmed up, the kids pretty much need a bath daily as they come home with sand and dirt plastered on sunscreen covered arms and legs. Thankfully, though, bath time is usually a favorite part of the evening.


Neither of the kids are fans of water spraying and the few times we’ve done showers (usually after someone has decided to poop in the bath) there has been much crying – the kids weren’t happy either.  I decided to buy a frog shower head in order to introduce the idea of showering to the kiddos and help get rid of some water fears.  The first time they looked at me like I was insane and both tried to scramble out of the tub, the second time… went much better.  Now I can actually rinse them both off with it as long as I don’t go near Enzo’s face, otherwise I may as well have slaughtered a thousand kittens from the wailing that happens.


Thankfully Phoebe is a good sport when her brother takes over and accidentally sprays her in the face.  I think she’s more into it then he is and will point to the frog and ask for it anytime we’re in the tub. I guess I can’t blame Enzo for not wanting water in his face.  I admit there have been a few times when I’ve failed at my motherly duties and not done a good job keeping water and shampoo out of eyes.  I’m just helping them to overcome their fears by subjecting them to them?  Right?  Water in the eyes today, skydiving this weekend?



One day we’ll laugh over the trauma I may have unintentionally put them through and one day when they have kids they’ll realize just how hard it is to bathe a slippery, squirmy child… kind of like trying to bathe a cat.  At least with cats you have something to hold onto, though. 😉

One thought on “Rub a dub dub

  1. Joanne

    A little water in the eyes won’t really HURT them, so I say you’re just preparing them for future life challenges. Or something like that. 😛

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