Getting Back to Basics

Okay, that brief taste of warm Spring weather was really just a mean tease since we’d been mostly in the 30s and 40s ever since.  Then we’ll get hit with one or two nice days just to have Mother Nature laugh in our faces and send more cold wind our way.  It makes me wonder how on earth mothers didn’t go crazy way back in the day.  It seems like it would have been dull and each day would have been filled with drudgery, plus small children underfoot without much to do. Yeah, I’m kind of thankful for all of the comforts we have now.


That being said, kids really don’t need as much as we give them.  For instance, give them a ton of blocks to build things with and they will inevitably empty the blocks onto the floor so they can play with the bin/box that was holding them. Plus, the bin becomes even more fun when they have someone else to play with.


I think my favorite part is that Enzo has just as much fun pushing Phoebe around as he does when being the one receiving the ride.  I always worry about potential boredom, but I didn’t use to.  The kids are always amusing themselves in various ways, and I remember once doing so as well, but at some point that changed and I’m not sure why.  The more I think about it, I think the problem may be because there are in fact too many choices. There are so many options when it comes to things I could/should do, that it becomes hard to actually make a decision (which I always have a hard time doing anyway).  We sometimes run into this problem when trying to pick a movie – we have so many options that we spend all this time trying to agree on one only to then find out we don’t really have enough time to watch the one we picked.


The more I think about it, the better minimalizing sounds.  I think it would be hard to get used to, but in the end would allow us to not feel so overwhelmed by choices, distractions, and general clutter.  Creativity is important to both Josh and I, but I think we get too distracted and forego some of our hobbies for mindless timewasting videos and internet surfing or social media.  The kids are developing such great imaginations, and I really want to foster that. I think that also means cutting back on TV and technology in general and getting back to basics more.


2 thoughts on “Getting Back to Basics

  1. Sharon

    I agree totally, I will do the same thing with my movies, I look at them and then I can’t decide, so I don’t end up watching anything and just work on my cross stitch or take a walk on the beach.

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