Going with the flow

It was one of those mornings yesterday.  Phoebe girl was being a tad clingy and fussy, but the kicker came when she started crying while saying, “No day care. I go to work with Mommy! I no feel good!” The crocodile tears were flowing and unlike most days they kept coming. I wasn’t sure if she really wasn’t feeling good, so I thought about it for a couple of seconds and said, to heck with it. I asked Josh to take Enzo to day care and told Phoebe she could stay home with me.  Her response?  She still wanted to go to work with me.


So, I shrugged and said, why not?  She hasn’t been to my office since she was a baby and I knew that people wanted to see her, so we packed up and in we went. She quickly made herself at home and was checking out my manager’s office (who thankfully is a mom too and had no problem with me taking the day off last minute) and wandering around the building. We colored at my desk and then I had to convince her to leave. Go figure.


I think she just needed a “Mommy” Day. She wanted nothing to do with anyone else and stayed glued to my side well until bedtime. It was nice, though. She picked a beautiful day to play hooky and we even went for a walk. I think I needed it too. Enzo, thankfully didn’t mind that he still went to preschool and was happy to see Phoebe when we went to pick him up.


It’s thrown off my week a tad, but on the plus side tomorrow is Friday when it feels like it shouldn’t be yet, so that’s a nice turn of events!

*I love that Phoebe had grabbed one of my cookbooks in the pictures above. I have always loved looking through cookbooks and apparently she does too. Ha ha.