Happy Little Trees

We’ve decided starting sometime this weekend (either Saturday or Sunday) we’re going to have a week of no TV/Kindles/etc. and only limited smart phone usage (especially in the evenings).  Since we’ve been cutting back anyway, I’m hoping the kids won’t notice it too much… except on weekends. That’s usually when games are played and the idea is to not turn it on at all. Thankfully we’ve got plenty of stuff to do, and the weather should be nice, so perhaps we’ll get out a bit.


The kids have both been on a painting and coloring kick lately, and for that I am eternally grateful to Crayola for making washable paint.  While Josh and I were doing some rearranging, the kids very quietly got into the paints. Thankfully they were mostly painting paper, but the paint had also made it onto the rug and their clothes.  They then moved on to stickers… which Enzo promptly started decorating the wall with.


The funny thing is that Enzo has never really been one to color or paint where he isn’t supposed to. I can usually walk away and trust that he’ll only decorate what he’s supposed to. Phoebe on the other hand?  The world is her canvas.  She will draw on herself, her clothes, the floor, the walls, you name it. Thank you, washable art supplies and magic eraser for the not-so-washable.


So, we’re mostly likely in for a lot of painting this upcoming week, but thankfully some warmer weather as well, which means it’ll be much easier to play outside and go on some walks. Perhaps we’ll head back to the zoo and let the kids run around some more when we aren’t tackling the many things that didn’t get done around the house this week or last weekend. Now that it’s warming up and the days are starting to get lighter, I’m feeling much more motivated!