Home… yet again.

I had to stay home with our “sickie” again today because she had a mild fever yesterday and the rules are that a child has to be 24 hours without a fever before they can return to day care.  While she does have a nasty cough and sounds a little like Darth Vader at times, part of me wonders if she’s already figured out the fake fever routine.  While she was a bit clingy, she was not nearly as miserable as her teachers made it sound she was.  Oh, but she was thrilled to have me come get her early.  Poor Enzo was a bit concerned about his sister, though.  One of the teachers saw him a little mopey by the bathroom and asked him if something was wrong and he said, “My sister is sad.”


This boy has been so very nurturing lately, especially to his sister, but also to his stuffed animals.  When Phoebe isn’t feeling good he checks on her and does everything he can to help “mother” her.  Not gonna lie, it’s ridiculously cute and so endearing.  I’ve often found him caring for various dolls as well. Last night he said that Goofy was tired and tucked him into bed.  I decided to play along and said I was tired too, proceeded to lay down next to Goofy only to be told, “That’s my Goofy,” as Enzo then gave me a stony look, picked up Goofy and walked out of the room muttering, “Leave my Goofy alone.”  Oookay.


I’m thinking it might be time to get a proper play crib for Phoebe’s baby doll and perhaps for Enzo’s various stuffed animals since they can’t always sleep in Phoebe’s crib.  Also, his bed is becoming overrun with friends at night.  Not only does he have his stuffed animals, but when it’s time to sneak in and turn off his rocket flashlight we often find Ninja Turtles and books scattered all around him as well.  I do so love his many sides, though.  On the one hand he’s rough and tumble and loves to play “Bad Guys,” but on the other hand he also loves to nurture and care for others.  I’m glad he’s so balanced.


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  1. Joanne

    Aww I’m not sure she could fake an actual fever, but yes i”m sure she could play it up a bit. Love that the two kiddos are getting along so well!

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