Much like the weather

Just as the weather can suddenly go from warm and sunny to overcast, windy, and downright chilly, so too can a toddler go from being happy and healthy to being sick from out of nowhere.  Phoebe randomly started coughing last night and today it sounds pretty awful, but she has no fever so I’m not taking her to the doctor yet.  I did, however, have to get her early and bring her home because day care called and said she was pretty much inconsolable most of the morning, wouldn’t eat, and only wanted to sleep.  Poor Squish.  Oh well, at least we were able to enjoy the weekend… these pictures are not even from this weekend, but another fun weekend. :p


Such is life as a parent, I’ve discovered.  You rarely have time to accomplish all the things you want to, or at least I do.  Perhaps that’s just a reflection of my constantly changing priorities and motivation that is always on a roller coaster.


Most of our weekends often have a lot of the same going on, though.  They often start way too early because the kids are very much against sleeping in. I’m usually the first to stumble out of bed with them and coffee is typically my first priority if I can manage it.  This is why most of my morning photos have the flash… because our living room has very few lamps and they like to wake with the sun.  Sigh.


This particular weekend was fairly windy and Enzo was feeling “off” on Saturday so I took Phoebe on a quick run to Costco.  It’s grilling season and their organic beef is a great price, plus I bought enough aluminum foil to last us at least a couple of years.  Then yesterday was one of Enzo’s friend’s birthday party so we went to that.  I have a feeling most of our weekends are going to be fairly busy this summer.


We also found out that our city-wide garage sale weekend is mid-May, so yesterday I started doing some prep work for that.  I think I have about 9 bins of baby clothes and so many toys and other kid items that it’s going to take quite a while to sort through everything and prep for it.  Plus, we have books, movies, games and you name it, so it’s going to end up being a fairly large sale.  I can’t wait to clear up some room in our garage and under our stairs.  It’s going to feel very, very good.


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