17 Months

Well, I’m only a few days late, but really things are that much different between 16 and 17 months.  Phoebe is becoming such a big girl, and officially made the switch to the toddler room.  She loves dancing and reading and playing outside, so much so that she has not wanted to leave day care at the end of the day.  We went through this with Enzo, though (still have those days even now) so we’re pros at handling limp noodles and finagling feisty children into car seats.


She naps on a cot at day care, but we won’t be changing her to a toddler bed anytime soon.  I’ll save that post for another day.  We are also going to be removing the booster seats from the dining room table because Phoebe has decided she will only sit at the little red table with Enzo for all meals.  She also loves to help with cleanup and can usually manage to get her plates and silverware into the sink without help.  Both kids like to wipe their own faces and hands without help, so we’re still trying to show her that sometimes she does need a little assistance.


Meals are definitely messier since she eats at the little table, mostly because it’s very difficult to keep her at the table, and she encourages her brother to misbehave.  She’s still using sippy cups, but at day care they have been working on cups without lids.  We should probably do the same. I know she can drink out of a cup just fine, she just prefers to dump out the contents and splash around in it.


Our little toughie continues to explore and climb on anything and everything.   This has gotten her many bumps and bruises and one day we should probably get her into dance or gymnastics so can learn to balance.  When she and Enzo play they sometimes get fairly rough, but it’s amazing how often they’re both laughing when inside I’m cringing because I’m thinking, “How could that not hurt??”


She is determined, curious, opinionated, sweet, loving, and sassy with a naughty sense of humor.  I sometimes have to watch her because she still bites me on occasion and thinks it is hysterical when I yell from the pain.  She can also be a tease and loves to make you think she’s going to be cooperative just to switch directions at the last minute and run off cackling.  Even more fun is when she can get her brother involved in the chaos or vice versa.  We are definitely going to be in trouble with these two. :p


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