Mommy brain is real and it never goes away…

At least I don’t think it does… or maybe mommy brain goes away when you finally get to sleep through the night?  Can someone confirm or at least give hope?  So far I’ve been told it never goes away by friends, family, and coworkers, though, and while I was never a genius by any means, I used to be slightly more well spoken and now it’s highly likely that I’ll forget words randomly in conversation… words that are not difficult by any means, but are elusive for some bizarre reason.  Lack of sleep?  Quite possibly. Being constantly distracted?  Very likely.



Phoebe often enjoys joining me in the bathroom while I get ready, and while I don’t mind the company it always takes me longer than usual since it can be rather distracting while I pull things out of her reach and try to keep her from soaking her pajamas in the sink.  This morning I was thoroughly distracted while watching her and instead of grabbing my blush, mistakenly grabbed some very dark eye shadow (similar packaging), but didn’t realize it until it was on my face and looked like I had a massive bruise.  Good thing we weren’t running late today. 😉


I’m more forgetful than usual and rely even more heavily on notes now than ever.  Thank you smart phones and handy apps to help me keep lists and notes always within reach.  Now if only they could make my thoughts always make sense.  I can’t even tell you how often I just word vomit nonsense trying to spit something out after a long day.  On the plus side, our children both seem very smart, so there’s that?  Phoebe is officially in the Toddler room now and her teachers have been telling us every day how focused she is and intent on learning.  She has no trouble sitting for long periods of time, and loves to soak it all in.  Enzo has a little more trouble sitting quietly during “rug time” but is also really smart and has been a lot more interested in numbers lately and telling us how many of something there are.  He even counted to 30 the other day!  Well, he may have mixed a few numbers up, but he’s close. :p  I call that pretty good for a boy who is constantly go-go-go.  I guess I’ll deal with mommy brain and just count on them to consistently put me in my place as they grow older.


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