Hooray for Long Weekends

It feels like this weekend was far too short, but that’s always the case.  We did manage to get out and enjoy the weather a bit, though, we may have worn the baby out on Sunday.  We figure it’s never too late for him to get used to his parent’s love of wandering.

On Sunday we decided to go to local winery, Woodland Hills. We figured it would be a good first with Enzo since there are plenty of places to picnic and hang out. He did really great and only got fussy in his car seat towards the end of our tasting, and then he was even more smiley once he could get out and look at everyone and everything. Josh and I bought a glass and went outside to sit on the grass and let Enzo stretch a bit.

He seemed to enjoy himself, and after a quick nap, we packed him up and went to a second winery. We didn’t get pictures because I had to skip that tasting.  Enzo was a little done at that point, so this face was a little more fitting:

I think he just got overtired and there was some very loud music at the second winery, which Enzo did NOT care for (can’t blame him really, it wasn’t very good music) so I sat outside with him and tried to get him to eat some lunch and coax him to finish up his nap from earlier.

Today we stayed in after doing some grocery shopping and then Enzo took a super looooong nap to most likely make up for yesterday.  He did get some one on one time with Uzi, though, who very obligingly let Enzo pet him for the first time!  Enzo was squirming and reaching for Uzi and Uzi sat very still while Enzo wrapped pet him and played with his fur. It did, however, end quickly when Enzo grabbed a little too much fur too tightly, but Uzi didn’t get mad, he just meowed and quickly walked away.


We’re ending the weekend in a quiet way since we take little man to his 4 month check up in the morning, so bath and a book and he’s out.  Now to read something myself or flop in front of the TV and catch up on some shows?

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