Hypnotism via Football

The wee man is all about scootin’ at the moment. I imagine he’ll be crawling soon, but in the meantime he is still managing to get around and pretty dang fast too. We were hanging out in the office when I turned around and saw him headed out the door where he was sidetracked by our rack of CDs.  He’s been fascinated by these things whenever he’s been in his jumper, so he was thrilled when he could get his hands on them finally.

While he enjoys exploring on his own, he loves being able to “chase” after mom and dad and has a much easier time upstairs where there isn’t carpet.  We have a gate, we just haven’t put it up yet, and with how fast he’s moving, we’d better get on top of that.

Our weekend was fairly uneventful, though we did get out and run some errands and Enzo got to ride in the shopping cart for the first time sans car seat.  He thoroughly enjoyed himself!  I’m glad we bought a shopping cart cover as well since he likes to chew on everything and we were able to clip a toy or two onto the cover to help keep him occupied.

No weekend is complete without a little bit of football, even if it’s Josh checking scores quickly. We try not to let Enzo watch a lot of TV, and for the most part he doesn’t even care, but if there are sports on – the kid becomes completely enthralled. I had put him in Josh’s chair for a minute and Josh decided to turn on the TV to see what games were on and Enzo just sat and watched, wide-eyed and not moving – not even when Ziggy jumped up into the chair with him and sat on his feet.  Really?  The kid loves the cats and is always after them, but he could care less that he had a giant ball of fluff just waiting to be mauled on his lap.

We laughed for a few minutes and then turned off the TV waiting to see what his reaction would be.  A few seconds passed, the glaze left his eyes, and he looked at us and adamantly spoke, “Dah Dah Dah!” and looked for the remote control. Oh dear.

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