Let’s eat out!

A couple of weeks ago on a random Friday night we had no idea what to make for dinner and no motivation to make anything, which is also when we realized that we haven’t been out to eat with kids since before Phoebe was born.  We knew it could be risky making a last minute decision to go out for dinner after a long day at day care for the kiddos, but we figured if it we kept it close to home and stuck to “early-bird” hours we could keep it short and we wouldn’t have a long drive to or from home.


Maybe a little surprisingly, it actually went really well.  Phoebe happily sat in her high chair and munched on a few snacks I brought for her since I wasn’t sure what the menu would be like (at her age it’s just easiest to have a pouch and some fruit and puffs in the bag). Enzo was a little squirmy, but was excited at first to be eating out.  Thankfully the restaurant wasn’t busy because it was only around 5:30 or 6:00, so we did get food fairly quickly.  We had a hard time getting Enzo to eat anything but fries, though. Can you blame him, though? We may have let Phoebe munch on one as well.  It’s true what they say about 2nd kids… I never would have given Enzo a fry at less than a year old, but now I’m like… whatever. One won’t kill her. 😉


Thankfully both kids made it through the meal before they started getting squirmy and rambunctious.  Enzo got to a point where he did not want to sit still and started getting loud and tossing the cap to Phoebe’s pouch on the floor over and over as an excuse to get out of his booster.  I guess we can’t really blame him considering at home he sits at his own little table usually and (to our chagrin) is up and down and all over.  Next time we’ll be sure to bring him distractions… not that we go out all that often.  When you live as far away from everything as we do, it’s just so much easier to stay close to home. Definitely homebodies.

*** Also, I seriously need to work on my posture… completely unrelated, but I notice it more now that I’m trying to pay attention to my alignment.

2 thoughts on “Let’s eat out!

  1. Sharon

    Well it is good to take them out so they do know how to act, you guys were always pretty good when we went to eat but then there was a bigger age difference. At least you know it will only get easier as they get older. At least you don’t have to worry about taking them to meetings and keeping them quiet 🙂

  2. Joanne

    Yay for a successful trip out! I think it’s good to expose kids to situations like this so that they learn how to act in restaurants! Hopefully this is the first of many.

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