Oh no, I can’t…

It’s become very apparent over the past couple of months that it’s becoming harder and harder to take a picture of Enzo. The boy is always moving around or he sees the camera come out and wants to see the back of the camera.  He usually asks to see Enzo and I have to try and explain that in order to see himself he has to first stand in front of the camera.


So, I have to catch him on the sly or see if he’s distracted enough by his sister who I am still able to take plenty of photos of.  She is, however, at that age where she too starts to crawl towards the camera. We may reach a point where the only photos I have are blurs simply because no one will cooperate.   Speaking of which, Enzo has a new favorite word. Can’t. As in..

I can’t get my diaper changed.

I can’t eat my veggies.

I can’t take a bath.

I can’t go to day care.

Perhaps the next time he asks for a cookie I’ll just tell him that I can’t. 😉  We try not to laugh when he says oh so very seriously that he can’t do something, but sometimes it’s hard not to.  At least he hasn’t noticed us laughing so he hasn’t played it up too much.


We may in trouble when this lady turns 2, though.  I have a feeling she’s going to learn a lot from her big brother and they’ll both use those adorable smiles against us. I don’t always give in, but sometimes it’s absolutely impossible not to, and Enzo knows it. Ack, I’m doomed!

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