Not all that interesting, really.

Most of the time we’re really very boring people.  I can’t completely blame that on the kids, simply because there were plenty of times before the kids came along where we would stay at home all weekend and nothing but play games and read.  Relaxing and nice, but definitely not exciting.  Before kids we were much more spontaneous, though.


I’m sure if we really wanted to, we could get out more with our munchkins, but so often it can be such a hassle to get us all out the door.  Bottles have to be prepped, snacks must be made, diaper bag must be readied, and you know at least one of them is going to poop right as you’re getting ready to go out the door while the other one gets into some kind of trouble.  Then there are strollers and baby carriers and deciding which would be better for this certain trip, and did we grab sippy cups and who knows what else the kids require that day.


Do we overcomplicate things?  Maybe.  I also hate being unprepared, though.  As you can guess, I’m an over packer as well.  I think that’s one thing I need to be better about, but I don’t even know where to start. Actually, in a couple of months it’s going to get much easier simply because Phoebe will be drinking milk and won’t need all the bottles and stuff.  Plus, she eats solids, so that helps too.  Now if we could only get Enzo potty trained.  We’re trying not to push the issue, but he’ll be exactly a year and a half next month so it would be really nice.  He’s also moving into a new room at day care and all of the other kids his age are potty trained.  We’re kind of hoping that being in a room where almost no one is getting a diaper changed will do the trick.


Super exciting stuff going on, let me tell ya.  We have plans to get out more before the winter hits, but then again, there’s a lot to be done at home – just none of it really all that interesting.  It’s amazing how a quickly a Saturday can go by and it seems like all you’ve done is 4 loads of laundry (no joke), swept, and the kids are still in pajamas and you haven’t bathed, but it’s time to get dinner ready.  I feel like I’ve entered an entirely different dimension of time as a parent.


At least I get to share it with some pretty cute kids.