Life with Baby

I can’t believe that Enzo is already more than 3 weeks old… time is flying by already, and he’s had a busy first few weeks. When my mom was here, we took him to see the Biggest Ball of Twine for his first Random Trippers outing.


Then my sister and my nephew came to visit us for a long weekend!

As you can see, Uzi was really excited to have a playmate.

While they were here, Josh made us frog legs, which I admit took some mind over matter.  They’re pretty tasty, but it’s hard to get past what you’re eating… at least for me anyway.


We also got to give Enzo his first bath!  Unfortunately he wasn’t super stoked about it in the infant tub, so now he just takes baths with me because he greatly prefers being more submersed in the water.  Hopefully this means he’ll one day be a better swimmer than his mom. 😉

Aside from that, I try to make sure he gets a little time on his play mat, but really we spend a lot of time snuggling and napping. Since we only have a few more weeks left together, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One thought on “Life with Baby

  1. Sharon Hubbs

    It looks like he is getting more interested in the play mat, oh how I wish I was closer so I could see him change and grow. I miss seeing all of my grandkids grow up 🙁

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