March Already!?

After several years, I have finally decided to give contact lenses a go. It’s day 3 and things are still a bit odd – a litte blurry and I feel like I have something in my eye – oh wait, I do have something in my eye! I think I’m progressing – it only took 10 minutes to get the little buggers in this morning. I also found a much better technique when it comes to taking them out than what I was shown. I tried the way everyone told me until I literally couldn’t force myself to keep my eyes open and they were bright red, and then I tried this other method, and out they popped! Thank you handy dandy pamphlet! Considering that up until a week ago it would take at least two people to get eye drops into my eye, I’d say this huge progress. I was getting tired of glasses (getting smudged, glares, fogging up in cold weather) and I don’t want to wear glasses when we get married, so I’m determined to make the contact lenses work. I’m nearsighted, but without glasses, I could barely read the E at the top of eye chart, so I require aid when driving, and if I just want to be able to see people, which is kind of nice to be able to do. :p So hooray and here’s to sticking foreign objects in one’s eye!

Other than that this weekend, we did some wedding shopping and picked up some items for the reception. Thank you, Ikea! Aside from a mini panic attack due to getting completely turned around in major crowds, I think it went quite well. I definitely don’t like the layout of the store, though. Oh well, it ended up being a good trip, and I’m sure we’ll be back. Even though some things are really cheaply made, they do have a lot of what seem to be high quality items as well. Sadly, when we move we will no longer be in close distance to one. Yay roadtrip! Now if we only had a vehicle with more trunk space… :p

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  1. leeshaknows

    Yay for contacts! Hopefully you can get used to them 🙂 I'm jealous…I've always wanted to go to an Ikea…I guess we will have to settle with internet ordering ;p

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