It was one of those mornings where I was kind of rushing around… flustered somewhat after it took me another 10 mintues to try and put my eyes in my head. I’m amazed I haven’t torn or lost them yet, to be honest. Yesterday morning I was attempting to put a contact in when I dropped it and the thing fell on Uzi’s back, which actually probably saved the thing and made it super easy to find. Thankfully he stood still and I managed to grab it.

Anyway, I was rushing around this morning and hastily making myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (yes, I’m 6) and Josh was by the sink and he looked over at me and smiled and kind of chuckled, so I asked him, “What?” and he said he had a “Heather moment.” Hmm? He said watching me make my sandwich made him imagine us in the future when we have kids. I’ll most likely be rushing around still, only with a row of bread lined up. :p It sent me off to work with a smile. I often have those moments where I’ll be watching him and imagine our future family (hence the “Heather moment”). Ah, bliss.

On another note – hooray wedding dress! It is here, and currently hiding in our closet in a garbage bag. :p Yeah, yeah, I forgot to buy a garment bag, so one is on the way. Ha ha.

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