Munchkin Meals – 2 years old & Almost 10 Months

Linking up this week for Munchkin Meals again!

The food rut kind of continues.  I keep meaning to start scheduling meals again and look up a few new recipes, but then life happens and we get busy.  I’m starting to think of new things to offer the munchkins, but if they’re enjoying what they’re getting and it’s healthy then I might as well stick with it.

HappyNoms SassyNoms

We aren’t doing many purees with Miss Sassy Pants anymore simply because she really has no interest in them.  In a pinch (or if she’s really hungry and decided she didn’t want what was offered) she will accept a pouch, but really prefers to hold onto it so she can feed herself.  She’s gotten to a point where she also prefers to attempt using a spoon for yogurt herself as well.  It’s messy, but she enjoys it… mostly.  We’re still dealing with some frustrations as she tries to make her hands do what she wants them to.

SalmonNoms4One thing she greatly enjoys is salmon, and you really can’t blame her.  It was one of Enzo’s favorites when he was a baby as well, however, he has decided he no longer likes it.  More salmon for us then?


I’m hopeful that Phoebe’s willingness to try everything will stick with her.  I want to say that even as a baby, Enzo was a tad more picky about food than Phoebe is, so we’ll see what happens.  I also know that picky eating seems to just be a standard toddler thing from talking to other parents.

AsparagusNoms Asparagus2

One thing that’s funny to me is that you can generally guess what Phoebe will reach for first on her plate.  If there’s meat – she’ll definitely go for that first.  If there’s something like banana bread or some other tasty grain – she’ll make a grab for it.  I want to say that Enzo was the same way. Now, we just patiently wait to see what Enzo will eat first because we never know.

SteakNoms1 SteakNoms2

Okay, generally he’ll go for fruit first (especially watermelon)… or his dipping sauce.  We try not to give him a spoon when there is dip on his plate otherwise he’ll just eat that plain when you aren’t looking.  Kids.  Like I said earlier, our meals haven’t been super creative lately… mostly because we’re busy and since I know I can count on Phoebe to eat roasted carrots and green beans, we eat a lot of those.  We also discovered that Enzo will gladly eat green beans, but they have to be fresh – not frozen.  Guess I can’t blame him, they are far superior.

ToddlerLunchNoms WatermelonNoms

They also both love pasta and watermelon.  I’ve been trying to get Enzo to enjoy some of the amazing nectarines and peaches I’ve been buying, but the boy is so picky.  Occasionally I can bribe him with a candy or something and he’ll realize they’re delicious and eat everything and accept a couple measly candies, but that doesn’t always work.  Oh well, we’ll keep working on it.  One thing we’re pretty firm about is that dinner is his only option.  No snacks if he gets hungry later, and we’re doing better when it comes to keep him from snacking before dinner.

You see, when Enzo gets picked up from day care usually the first thing he asks for is a snack, so he we’d give him one.  We realized that his snacks were filling him up just enough that he’d decide not to eat most of his dinner.  We’ve been a little more firm lately about giving him only a tiny snack on the car ride home if he really wants one (some raisins or something) and he’s been doing much better about eating his meal.

Also, we finally bought a drop cloth for baby girl… bet you can’t guess why. 😉


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