Photo Dump

Some pictures that never made it into posts, so I’m sticking them here.  Also, it’s Monday, and after yesterday’s very productive day of organizing, today seems like a good day to do more sorting and organizing.  So… putting these photos here is sort of like organizing. 😉



I received these flowers after Josh’s first trip to Maryland for work.  His supervisor/rep person had them sent to the house for me. Very unexpected!


I love how golden the light is in our living room.


Little Miss is just about to outgrow her favorite toy.  I pull it out and her face lights up and she would bounce for days if you let her.


Aww, her hair was so patchy. Uzi still gives her some head-butts, but not nearly as many now.


Are words even needed for this picture?  What a ham.


What a squish. Her hair was just getting long enough to start sticking straight up.


And this guy.  Popular with both our munchkins.  It was only fitting to take a picture of someone we used to spend so much time with on a daily basis whether it be movies or otherwise. 😉


Morning coloring.  He loves doing the letters of his name and telling us what shapes to draw. I’m imagining his future excitement when he can draw them himself.


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