Must do everything!

Camping was… interesting.  Ha ha.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either. Let’s just say that Baby Girl isn’t a big fan of it yet.  That being said, at least it was another summer activity that we were able to cross off of our (non-existent) list.  I know Summer isn’t over yet, but now that we’ve hit August and the temperatures are getting nicer, it’s apparent that there’s still so much I want to do before Fall hits.


While we never did get the kids in swimming lessons, they have started to actually enjoy water more and more this year, so perhaps this Winter we’ll see about finally getting them swimming so they’re ready for even more fun next Summer.


At the beginning of Summer Phoebe wanted nothing with water and was pretty unhappy during the first water day at day care.  While she still prefers to stay on the sidelines and splash with her feet, she’s now at a point where she’ll gladly get in a kiddie pool and splash around on her stomach – if the water is warm enough.  If the water is too cool she isn’t a fan, even if it’s 90 degrees out and feels awesome.  She might run through a sprinkler, but that’s hit or miss if the water temperature isn’t what her ladyship likes.


Enzo has also gotten much braver this year.  It helped when he got to watch his Colorado cousins run through the sprinkler and splash around, and slowly he’s getting more and more into it.  He still doesn’t like to get his face wet at all (not even in the bath), but we’re working on it.  I’m just thrilled he’s been much more willing to try new things and has discovered how fun it can be.  It also helps that there is the whole “Monkey See-Monkey Do” aspect of siblings – if one of them does something then the other obviously has to as well.


Also… why do these little pools always look so much bigger on the box??  I guess we’ll have to get a bigger one next year.  It was slim pickings when I found this one.

2 thoughts on “Must do everything!

  1. Joanne

    I bet at the end of summer, there’ll be a sale on kiddie pools so you might be able to find some! And I was never a huge fan of water…I’m still not. But I do like to get my feet wet on a hot day!

    1. Heather

      Alas, it looks like stores like Target already got rid of most of the kiddie pools and had their sales… hooray school supplies? What’s the rush??

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