Okay Winter…

Can’t we be done now?  These cold temperatures are sucking the life out of me!  I know, it could be worse, but how many days of highs in the singles can a girl take?  Well, this girl anyway.

I think the weather is responsible for our extra fervor in getting our summer trip planned, though. Florida beaches here we come!

We’ve got all of our hotels booked, and we’ve narrowed down what we want to do, so most of our planning is done. I’ve heard a few mixed things regarding safety in Daytona and other areas – apparently property theft is really prevalent?? So, I guess my cameras will be glued to me the entire time, and hopefully our non-flashy car will deter any would-be criminals. Too paranoid?  Yeah, probably, but I just like being prepared.  The only times I worry about are when we need to lock stuff in the trunk of the car so we don’t have to schlep it everywhere. My guess, is our car won’t be a target, though… it isn’t new, it isn’t flashy, has the stereo that came with it, and there’s an alarm. Probably just fine. (That’s me reassuring myself). 😉

Now… to get through the rest of the winter!