Here, kitty kitty

I finished reading a really good “cat” book the other day called ‘Homer’s Odyssey’ and couldn’t help but marvel at Homer the Wonder Cat. If you already own cats, you know just how special and unique they are, and this just confirms it. I’ve never had a blind pet or known anyone with one, and it was kind of amazing to see how Homer lived and got by (granted he never saw anything – his blindness was from kittenhood, so this might have made a difference in his attutide and resilience). Still, I can only imagine this blind streak of lighting running around and jumping onto high shelves and whatnot.

Our own cats have been feeling a bit neglected lately since I started school. Uzi can’t seem to understand why I’d rather stare at a screen than him and why I won’t let him sleep on my keyboard while I work. Then he wanders about the house yowling in distraught. Sometimes I forget just how much attention he needs. Ziggy, can usually take you or leave you, but even she has been extra cuddly lately. That could be due to cold temperatures, however. Aren’t cats funny?  Such incredibly distinct personalities.

We may actually be adding to our pets this weekend, as well. Josh has been wanting something reptilian in nature, so we may go take a look at different options this weekend, something like a smaller sized chameleon perhaps.