The time has come…

to purchase a more practical vehicle.

While my current car still runs well, it’s time for a 4-door vehicle. No one wants to climb in the back of a 2-door, and it would be an absolute pain whenwe have a baby. While I like my Sunfire, it’s a pain to get in the backseat and a nightmare if you’re tall. I also didn’t have a lot of money at the time I bought my Sunfire, so it’s a manual and has nothing automated. I’m so excited to have power locks and windows again, and we’re getting an automatic so that Josh is comfortable driving it as well (he knows how to drive a manual, but does so very rarely and it’s always a pain to get used to).  We had thought about an SUV, but decided that good gas mileage is more important than extra cargo space and 4WD. I drive at least 60 miles a day currently, and unless I can find a job nearer to home, that’s not changing anytime soon. So, ideally we’ll get something with better mileage than what I get now.

We won’t be going shopping this weekend, but most likely the next, so let’s hope it goes smoothly.

And no reptile yet – it must be the wrong time of year to shop for one. Most of the places we went to had empty cages or not what Josh wanted. Well, there were some neat Water Dragons, but those get up to at least 2 feet long – kind of bigger than we wanted, so we’ll resume the search when it gets warmer out.

And now… time to finish up work for the night.  I’m running out of desk space, though…

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