Walk down memory lane…

It’s funny, how looking back there are huge gaps in my life where there are no photos – either I didn’t take any (though I had a camera) or they are lost somewhere. Then there are the years when I was younger where maybe my parents just didn’t take any pictures. I’ve gotten better about taking pictures more frequently, but want to be even more diligent. There are so many photos that I wish existed, and now I’m determined not to miss any future moments. I’m terribly sad I can’t see pictures of Josh during his awkward years (which he assures me is a good thing), and even though our kids might hate us at the time, I want to be sure all of the years are captured.

All of this reminds me I have a package full of old pictures to scan that my mom mailed me that we were originally going to use at our wedding, but let’s face it – we got busy, so it’ll be fun to go through and scan some photos. Here are a few older ones – from when I was little. Doesn’t my mom have a pretty smile?

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