One day it won’t rain on the weekend…

One day it won’t rain on the weekend, and when that happens, I want to be ready.  Now that Enzo is really mobile, we’re trying to think of some fun things to do on the weekend to get out of the house.  Granted, there are a few parks we could go to, but I realized we’re going to have to work up slowly to that because we failed at introducing Enzo to grass when he started crawling.  Why would this be an issue?  Well, last night when we got home, he wanted to explore, so I set him down on the sidewalk and he toddled his way toward the front door and pointed out some plants, but when I picked him up and put him in grass he gave me this look and his face went from pouting to “Mom get me the hell of this stuff!” in about 2 seconds.  I tried to hand him some and show him it was okay, but he wanted nothing to do with it.  I feel bad for really only going out on the deck now.  Whoops.


We’re also debating whether or not to get a Zoo membership this year.  It’s kind of a hike from our house, but with Enzo’s interest in animals and his love of being outdoors, it seems like it would be a worthwhile purchase and would always give us something to do.


I’m not sure if we’ll go to the zoo this weekend or not since it’ll just be me and Enzo for the majority of the weekend, and there is a chance of thunderstorms, but I’m thinking of taking him to one of the splash pads at a near-ish park if the weather looks like it might hold. I suppose if it doesn’t we can try coloring again.  So far he just likes to chew on the crayons, so we got these cool little plastic animal dudes that have a marker on the bottom (like in the picture) so that way you have no chewing, and he has something easier to hold onto.  Oh, what will they think of next.


One thought on “One day it won’t rain on the weekend…

  1. Sharon

    Such a cool looking kid with his glasses. I almost peed my pants laughing so hard about the grass issue, I hope he gets past it. Literally what will they think of next.

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