Our Kitty Friends

I think the cats are glad that we’ve almost got the house put back together after the garage sale.  Change makes Ziggy nervous and Uzi has been rather talkative and upset that it’s been raining and he can’t go outside.  On the plus side, the cats are getting more and more tolerant of the kids every day… even Ziggy sniffed both kiddos and allowed Enzo to give her a quick pet before running away in fear.


Understandably the kids desperately want to get their hands on her fluffy soft fur, plus she doesn’t realize that by being so elusive she’s making herself more sought after.  Uzi, on the other hand, is taking full advantage of the fact that the kids (especially Phoebe) like to feed him things.  It was adorable the first time Phoebe pointed at Josh eating chicken and asked for some to feed the kitty.  Not in so many words, but she pointed, used the words “please” and “kitty” and we deduced what she wanted. 😉


Uzi couldn’t have been more thrilled.  He does get a tad nippy when chicken is involved so the kids are learning to toss it to him rather than to hold it in their hands to avoid accidentally being bitten.  Generally Uzi is extremely patient with the kiddos and they’ve been interacting more and more.  There are nights when Enzo asks to leave his bedroom door open in the hope that Uzi will come sleep with him, but we’re not quite there. He’ll sleep on Enzo’s bed when he isn’t there, though. 😉

KittyTreats2 KittyTreats3

Uzi’s new favorite spot is the chair in Phoebe’s room, which is usually the quietest spot until the kids discover him.  They love to copy him and do “head-butts” and he’ll often return the favor.  My favorite is when he rubs up against them too vigorously and knocks them over. Ha ha.


Phoebe, however, has as much sibling rivalry with Uzi as she does with Enzo when it comes to my lap.  Just like with her brother if she sees me snuggling the kitty she gets grumpy and shrieks and says, “No, Kitty!” and tries to get him out of my lap.  I’m thinking it was a good idea we stopped at two kids because she is really not giving up her place as the baby.

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    1. Heather Shoberg Post author

      I may be biased, but cats are one of the best pets to have. 😉

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