Photo Dump and Thoughts…

I love a short work week, but it always throws me off… for a second I thought it was Friday, and then I realized it wasn’t.  Enzo wound up with a stomach bug, and we’re wondering if it was slowly building up over the weekend, which would explain some of the extra crankiness and the unexpected vomiting in the car.  He never had a fever until Tuesday night when he wound up being sick again.  He started acting much more like himself last night, though, and ate a large dinner.  This morning he wanted to stay home again with me despite feeling better. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to just say “Okay” and not go to work.  I know it would be rough, but our next goal is to have me be a stay at home mom in the upcoming year. Enzo is a preschooler so he’d be in preschool part-time and I think that would be perfect for him.  He loves preschool, but often gets overstimulated and burned out after being there all day long.  I know it would mean giving up a lot going from two incomes to one, but I really do think it would be worth it.  In time, I’ll hopefully be able to work part-time to help out as well.  Now, we just need to see if we can make it a reality and get our debt paid off. Nope, wrong attitude. It WILL happen, there is no if, only when.






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