22 Months

Just a couple of months and our spunky gal will be 2.  It’s just a number, but at the same time it signifies a lot in my mind.  At 2, she won’t be able to be a lap baby on a plane ride and she won’t be counted as a “baby” under most other circumstances either.  Granted, she’s technically been a toddler for a while, but my snuggle bug has been hanging onto her baby status for a while.


While she may still carry around her blankie and lovies and need a nuk, she’s becoming quite the big girl. We’re not pushing potty training at all right now, but it’s been her own choice lately to try and go now and then and she had her first victory the other night!  Admittedly, I’ll be kind of happy when no one is diapers anymore, but I’m in no rush.  You’ve got to love a baggy diaper butt, right?  One thing that’s not to love is our suddenly very picky eater.  I know it comes with the territory as her brother is pretty picky too, so we’ll just keep trying and offering new things and hope she changes her mind soon. 😉


Aside from her super endearing quality of being able to fall asleep while sitting up, she has so many others that make us smile each day.  She’s getting really good at the alphabet as well as counting to 10 and now if Enzo asks her “What comes after ___?”  She can usually respond with the correct answer.  She has also started grabbing books on her own and sitting down to read.  At bedtime she’ll have me read a couple of books, but then insists on reading them for herself, which is pretty darn cute.  When I tell her it’s time for bed, she holds up her finger and says, “One more.”


She still adores dancing and singing songs, and I love listening to her start singing songs I’m unfamiliar with.  Apparently they have a clean up song at daycare, so this weekend she started singing it while we tidied up. Despite her cuteness, she can also be quite the sassy lady, though, and one can only wonder what the next year or two will bring.  We’ve entered the territory of tantrums and adamant No’s with a side of limp noodle and the need to do everything by herself, which in itself isn’t so bad.  Independence is a necessity, even if it can be hard to come by at this age.  Soon enough, little girl, soon enough.