Four Things

I’m always a sucker for these questionnaires and this one was nabbed from A Nerdy World.

Four Places I’ve Lived:

  1. Cottonwood, Arizona (where I started life)
  2. Walnut Creek, California
  3. Durango, Colorado (and a couple nearby cities)
  4. Twin Cities, Minnesota (In 7 years we’ve lived in 4 different cities here).

Four Jobs I’ve Had:

  1. Housekeeper
  2. Receptionist/Administrative Professional
  3. Took photos/drew house footprints for county assessor’s office
  4. Salesperson

Four Things I Don’t Eat:

  1. Shellfish
  2. Pudding… not a fan.
  3. Anything with tentacles – can’t do it.
  4. Bugs

Four of My Favorite Foods:

  1. Cheese
  2. Bread
  3. Mango
  4. Wine (It’s a drinkable fruit). 😉

Four Films I’ve Watched More Than Once:

  1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  2. LOTR series
  3. Pretty much every Marvel movie
  4. Adventures In Babysitting

*So many movies could fit in this category, but these are what came to mind first

Four TV Shows I Watch:

  1. Downton Abbey
  2. Scandal
  3. Supernatural
  4. Call the Midwife

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To This Year: (what’s left of it anyway)

  1. Star Wars
  2. The Good Dinosaur
  3. Final season of Downton Abbey
  4. Winning the lottery (you’ve got to dream big, right?)

Four Things I Can’t Live Without:

  1. My family (of course)
  2. Books
  3. Music
  4. Um… huh, drawing a blank here.

Four Celebrity Crushes:

  1. Tom Hiddleston, especially as Loki.
  2. Henry Cavill

Girl Crushes because let’s face it… they just seem like cool gals.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence
  2. Emily Blunt

Four Places I’ve Visited:

  1. Key West, FL – Watched the sunset during our honeymoon road trip
  2. Switzerland – Favorite European stop
  3. Gatlinburg, TN – Great place to be a tourist with some really good beer
  4. Luxembourg – It was so foggy and dreary when we were there, I’d love to go back.

Four Pet Peeves:

  1. When people overuse abbreviations or don’t spell out simple words, instead typing things like “Ur.”
  2. People who spit in public. It’s so gross.
  3. When people ignore personal space, especially if it’s a complete stranger. I don’t know you, therefore you should not be standing this close.
  4. Self-entitlement.

Four Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. Draw or paint
  2. Enjoy Math – So many careers I wanted and math is my nemesis.
  3. Work for myself… or win the lottery 😉
  4. Travel the world

Four Subjects I Studied at School:

  1. Psychology
  2. French (I remember barely anything)
  3. Anthropology of Religion
  4. Mass Communication

*However, I never finished getting a degree because I was too focused on the whole working Full-time/having kids aspect of life.  Maybe one day… or maybe not.

Four Things Near Me Right Now:

  1. My phone
  2. Various work files
  3. My galactic kitty hamburger coffee mug
  4. Lotion