Polar Bears Turned Puppies


When it comes to toddlers, sometimes you need an old priest and a young priest.  I have yet to capture one of Enzo’s spectacular examples of stereotypical toddler behavior on camera, and I don’t know that I ever will.  Usually we’re all too caught up in the moment and part of me feels horrible even thinking about pulling out the camera while he tries to navigate growing up and dealing with how frustrating life can be.  Would I want someone to snap photos of me while dealing with something distressing/confusing/aggravating?  Probably not. Instead, I’ll stealthily try and capture the moments that make us smile or laugh in the moment rather than later on when you laugh only so that you don’t cry. 😉


For some time now Enzo has been obsessed with big trucks and he really loves fire trucks and likes to copy the sounds the sirens make, “Wee yoo, wee yoo.” Thankfully when he spotted this fire station in Target it was on sale and I had a coupon as well. Score!  Because the boy doesn’t have enough toys already!


It’s always amusing to me to see what toy will grab his attention or become his favorite.  Some of his favorites will change week to week or month to month, while others never do.  He originally picked out a polar bear for Phoebe, but quickly grew to love it himself, so we got her something different and let him hang on to his “Puppy.”  We’ve told him it’s a bear, but he just looks at you sideways as though to say, “A bear? I think not,” so Puppy it is!


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