The Handyman


A few weeks, ago after Josh introduced Enzo to the classic Nintendo system, it stopped working.  Go figure.  While Enzo can understand when things are “Boken” it doesn’t always mean he’s patient or understanding about the time it takes to then fix something. In his defense, some things are easy and quick to fix, so you can understand why he’d be confused that not all things are easily mended.


Ever the helper, he was excited when Josh pulled out his tools and sat down to fix the “Tendo.” This could only mean one thing, of course… that it was time to go grab his own tools so he could help.


While I can rarely count on Enzo to help clean up his toys, he is always more than willing to help when it comes time to fix something. Maybe it’s a boy thing, but I love when I walk into the room and see him sitting in front of his workbench busy working with his tools.  Something tells me he’d love to visit his Grandpa’s shop and see some really big workbenches and tools.


Enzo knew all along that his own screwdriver wasn’t going to actually work for fixing the Nintendo, so he tried to trade with Josh for the actual screwdriver.  He’s actually pretty adept for his age, and given a little more time I think I can come up with a number of little projects for him to help with.


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