Potty Training and a vague Disney film reference

A whole new world… ” Sing it with me everyone!


Completely cheesy, but I really do feel like we’ve entered a whole new world in parenting. A world without diapers! Okay, we still have pullups for naptime and overnights, but I have a feeling we won’t need those for long with how well Phoebe is doing.  I think being the second child has helped greatly.

I feel like we may have pressured Enzo too much with potty training – in true first parent fashion we were uncertain whether we were making the “right” choices and I especially was overly worried about being a good parent when I should have walked away from Google and Mommy forums and put a little more faith in myself. There is no right or perfect way to parent and the firstborn is unfortunately the guinea pig.


So, even potty training seemed like a stressful milestone when it really shouldn’t have been. Who cares if you use the 3 day method or use pull-ups or whatever?  Part of the problem was also the pressure from day care to have him trained and I think it was before he was truly ready. With Phoebe, I felt the same pressure initially, but then with so many other things going on didn’t think about it again. We would ask her if she wanted to use the potty, but never pushed it and then suddenly she said she wanted to wear underwear and there was no turning back!


It’s been a little over a week and she’s been doing great. She still doesn’t always want to poop on the potty, but we’re getting there. I caught her making “the face” and ran her to the bathroom despite her protests and she was excited when it happened.  She’s even going through the night without peeing sometimes!  Accidents are happening less and less often and it’s fairly exciting… almost too exciting.

I hate public bathrooms and the germs and it is not easy taking kids to a public bathroom. Phoebe, however, has been crying wolf a lot this past week simply because of the novelty of getting to pee in a restroom.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to rush to a bathroom because she has said she needs to go potty, only to rush inside, set up her potty seat and have her sit down, smile, shrug her shoulders and say, “No pee comin’ out!”  Sigh.

Dance Party

*The pictures have nothing to do with potty training, I just wasn’t going to post pictures of that*