Father, Dad, Papa… you get the idea.

I woke up unusually invigorated and chipper this morning.  I remember at some point last night I woke up in Phoebe’s bed and she wanted to switch to our bed, so this morning I woke up with little toes burrowed into my side and the sound of Josh already in the living room with Enzo who decided to wake up early today. I don’t think Josh was amused by all of our unexplainable energy. Maybe (just maybe) I’ll let him sleep in a bit on Sunday since it is Father’s Day after all. And because of that, I thought I’d throw a little love his way.


Dear Josh,

While it may be annoying that the kids probably think of you as the fun parent, I appreciate so much that you are fun with our kids.  It’s the moments where you all play silly games together that they will look back on one day.  Even when they are teenagers and think you are so embarrassing and we all try to pretend we don’t know you, they (and me) will always be grateful for your sense of humor and fun loving spirit.


Your super awesome and humble wife.



Through the ups and downs, we’ve been a fairly decent team when it comes to parenting and I’m glad to have you as my partner in this whole raising kids thing. You’re the yin to my yang and the peanut butter to my jelly… or maybe the frosting to my cupcake. Either way, you’re necessary and together we made some pretty adorable kiddos who think you’re pretty awesome too.


Last, but certainly not least, a thank you to my own dad who gifted me my first camera and instilled in me a sense of wanderlust and appreciation for the beauty that is all around us.  Some of my favorite memories will always be of waking up early to go on explorations and long drives.