Sleeping Arrangements

While there are many different viewpoints on what is best for babies/children in regards to sleep, we chose to co-sleep/bed-share with both of our kiddos.  Enzo slept with us for at least the first 6 months, but always took naps in his crib because that’s what he does at day care.  We decided to move him to his crib when we all stopped sleeping well due to his very active sleep habits, and when we were worried he’d crawl out of bed.


Well, the other night when Josh and I walked into our room and found Phoebe stretched out horizontally (mostly on my side, mind you) he said it was probably time we move her to her crib.  Sigh.  Admittedly, I haven’t been sleeping that great and have woken up after being kicked in the face because she’s completely turned herself around, but part of me is sad at the thought of moving her to her own room.


I know it doesn’t mean it’s the last time she’ll share our bed (Enzo often ended up in our bed for that first year or so), and it will be kind of nice to not get a foot to the face or ribcage, but to me it’s just a reminder of how fast she’s growing.  It’s just so bittersweet because I know she’s my last baby, and it’s going by so much more quickly this time around then with Enzo. I want to savor every sleepy smile, and tiny puddle of drool (she really likes to sleep on her tummy now).


Oh, my little Phoebe girl… don’t grow up to fast, okay?

One thought on “Sleeping Arrangements

  1. Sharon

    Easy Babies = Time flies by in a heartbeat
    Difficult Babies = Time drags on like you are walking in slow motion
    But you wouldn’t change the way any of them are 🙂

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